Roscommon Wallace Park Project

Community: Village of Roscommon
Population: Under 2,500

In 1952, the park was given to the Village of Roscommon by Charles M Ziegler for the price of $1. In 1977, the park was named after Fredric Wallace, a former DPW supervisor who passed away on March 2, 1977.

In the following years, the village made many improvements to the already beautiful road side park. Our park is located on the banks of the AuSable River. In 1988, a cedar retaining wall and deck was installed. In 1982, a pavilion was erected. Since then, many weddings have taken place there as well as many other family/friend gatherings. In 1995, the living witness tree was recognized as a Michigan historical survey point by the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors. In 2007, a new restroom facility was completed, another great addition to our park.

In 2014, we applied for a recreation passport local development grant in the amount of $45,000. Funding for 21 projects was awarded, out of 60 applicants. The total cost of the project was $107,792. The village contribution was $54,529, and an additional $8,263 was from our DDA. Required components of the project:

A. fishing pier/dock

B. seawall/shoreline stabilization

C. access path (sidewalk)

D. grill

E. beach

F. picnic table.

Credit for this project goes to Allen Lowe, a former Village Manager.



Parks are a necessary part of any community. Parks can be anywhere, preferable by water.

Creativity and Originality:

The creativity was our office staff working together to accomplish this. The originality is that we can launch a canoe and have a wedding in the same place.

Community Impact:

A more inviting space to gather. It's a go to destination for the seasonal residents.

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