Kalamazoo Water Quality Video

Community: City of Kalamazoo
Population: 10,000+

sisBrief video providing an overview of Kalamazoo’s water system, the safety measures in place, and information on additional resources for concerned residents.


This project is a response to concerns from our residents. After hearing these common concerns we created a simple, short, and interesting informational piece to provide answers and options for those with concerns.

Creativity and Originality:

This project was a collaboration between city staff in Public Services, Environmental Services, and Communications roles. The script, narration, and art were all done by City of Kalamazoo staff.

Community Impact:

This project has helped clarify misinformation and alleviate concerns that many have after hearing water quality and safety issues in the news for so many months in Michigan. It also helps connect residents who wish to have their water tested or their pipes checked with the appropriate departments who can assist with these requests.

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