Clawson Skatepark

Community: City of Clawson
Population: 10,000+

mimThe Clawson Skate Park Committee (“CSC”), a dedicated, motivated, and cohesive group of adults and youths worked together to build an outdoor public skate park in the City of Clawson, Michigan. The goals of community support and awareness while providing our children with a safe, accessible, and centrally-located place that encourages fitness and outdoor activities. Creating the skate park required hard work, devotion, support, and funding from our community and other sources. Working together we fostered the growth and development of Clawson and promoted citizenship, sportsmanship, team work, and collaborative skills in our children. This project created diverse opportunities for everyone and encouraged physical, mental, and moral development not only for our youth but for generations to come.

The skatepark committee, along with voters in the City of Clawson built a free, public, outdoor skate plaza in the City of Clawson.


The formation of a committee with dedicated members resulted in assignments for each committee member, ie fundraising, obtaining sponsors, selling swag, engraved bricks, forums with youth and parents and education to the public regarding the benefits of a skatepark. Following the format of the committee with division of labor and follow through will increase the success of the next project.

Creativity and Originality:

The Clawson Skatepark's original bowl design allows for skaters of all levels to enjoy and test their skills.

Community Impact:

The Clawson Skatepark is a destination skatepark, unique in its design for all ages of skaters. We were able to provide youth an outdoor, fun activity that is well utilized.

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