Bringing Byron BACK!

Community: Village of Byron
Population: Under 2,500

fundingWe lost the majority of our historic downtown due to an arson fire in 2012. This devastated our tight-knit community and we are all family in this town. We are working diligently to try to rebuild our downtown. Our town lies on the beautiful Shiawassee River and there is great potential for tapping into the river for canoe launching, kayaking and river walks.


The Village of Byron DDA is working diligently toward revitalizing the Byron downtown business district through various projects including: wayfinding signs, streetscape, improvements to canoe launch and river area, and marketing to potential investors for new businesses.

Creativity and Originality:

We would like to bring back that old-time, historic vibe for our small downtown.

Community Impact:

We are only at the beginning, but it has sparked a lot of interest in getting it done.

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