Ann Arbor Area Commuter Challenge 2016

Community: Ann Arbor
Population: 10,000+

mimThe Commuter Challenge is an annual commuting competition that encourages employees throughout the Ann Arbor area to use alternative transportation to get to work. Individuals and organizations win prizes for logging commutes and participating in weekly Challenge. During the Commuter Challenge, we also celebrate Bike to Work Week, Green Commute Day and more!


The Commuter Challenge is an event conducted by many municipalities across the country and has elements that are easy for someone to replicate. The basic concept is creating a game of using alternative transportation.

Creativity and Originality:

We have a unique look and feel for our project and have special events like Green Commute Day that make it ours alone. In our online competition, we have fun location-based badges such as the Bell Tower and Ypsilanti Water Tower. We even have a week that highlights people's creative commutes! This year we created a video for the Challenge using local actors from an improv troupe.

Community Impact:

Every year, thousands of employees from hundreds of organizations participate in the Challenge. This project has a positive impact on the community because it helps encourage people to try alternative transportation and gives our community a chance to showcase all of the ways people can and are getting to work. This project also has long term impacts as many people who participate in the Challenge end up continuing to use alternative transportation throughout the year.

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Project Documents:

Commuter Challenge Brochure

Commuter Challenge Posters


Project Multimedia: