5-Year LED Street Lighting Conversion Project

Community: Warren
Population: 10,000+

fundingThe 5-year LED Street Lighting Conversion Project, originally proposed by Mayor Jim Fouts, will convert the remaining 6,329 mercury vapor street lights within the City of Warren to LED. The project is the largest collaborative municipal LED conversion effort undertaken by DTE Energy. At a cost of $1,972,783, the project will produce an annual energy savings of $496,672 in municipal street lighting costs. Warren’s current municipal street lighting budget is $3.2 million annually. To reduce the capital investment and payback period, the City of Warren will utilize DTE Energy Labor Contributions and Energy Optimization rebates through the State of Michigan. The investment will yield a net savings of nearly $4 million over 15 years. The program is also designed around increasing neighborhood safety, starting in Warren’s highest crime-rate areas.


Cities like Warren, with aging street lighting infrastructure, can benefit when comparing traditional mercury vapor fixture rates to LED. With a significant reduction in rate structure, paired with DTE Energy Labor Contribution and Energy Optimization rebates, the financial case to convert is very strong.

Creativity and Originality:

The collaborative effort between DTE Energy and the City of Warren is the largest municipal LED program undertaken by DTE Energy. Mayor Jim Fouts, sought a program that would not only benefit the taxpayers of Warren long-term, but also reduce the city’s environmental footprint. It was the first program designed around three very different goals: (1) reduction of operating costs, (2) reduction of environmental footprint and (3) providing residents with safer streets.

Community Impact:

The project benefits Warren’s residents in three ways: (1) reduced operating cost of $496,672 annually, (2) environmentally friendly. Unlike mercury vapor fixtures, LED streetlights produce no harmful environmental emissions. (3) safer streets as LED streetlights provide a brighter and higher-quality light than traditional street lights. LED streetlights have been shown to help prevent crime and assist in crime investigation. In partnership with DTE Energy, Warren’s conversion project will begin in the area of the city that has predominately had the highest crime rate.

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