Lathrup Village Timebank

Lathrup Village won the peer-nomination in a spirited competition among several neighboring communities for its Timebank project, designed to nurture, inspire and motivate a network of neighbors to come together to create a caring and sharing community.

Lathrup VillageBy increasing the visibility of entrepreneurial and innovative solutions through this Award, the League strives to educate its members—cities, villages and urban townships—and inspire them to remain focused on their passion for the areas they represent.

Citizen advocate Richard Reeves explained the Lathrup Village Timebank as a “community bartering organization where neighbors earn time performing services for each other. Each person’s time is banked and recorded on an easy-to-use online database to be traded for future services by other members.”

Following the presentation, Lathrup Village City Administrator Jeff Mueller said “in the economic times we’re dealing with now, I think it’s a great thing that people can help people. Lathrup Village is a true community and everyone cares for one another and this program really exemplifies that.”

Because of the Timebank project, residents get to know one another and can build an extended family of people who take care of each other.