The Race for the Cup Reaches the Finish Line with the Armory Arts Village

JacksonThe League’s 110th Annual Convention closed with great fanfare—the presenting of the Community Excellence Award Cup.  Seven municipalities vied for the honor.  By winning their respective Regional meetings, our seven finalists were Oak Park, Jackson, Zeeland, AuGres, Marysville, Elk Rapids, and a joint project by Houghton and Hancock.  Each Regional finalist made an inspiring seven-minute presentation to the Convention delegation on Thursday morning, then each delegate voted for the project they felt was the most worthy.  The votes were tallied by our official accounting firm, Plante & Moran.

The Cup was awarded in three dramatic phases, each with music and lighting.  When our official accountants handed the envelope to the League’s president, the winner was heralded:  the city of Jackson!  Amid balloons, music, and tears, Jackson was awarded the Cup for the transformation of their old prison site into an artist colony.  Excellence in municipal governance, innovation, and hard work was duly rewarded, and Jackson is making a better Michigan.  Please visit the site of their wonderful project.  They would love to have you.