Congratulations to the 2016 Community Excellence Awards Winner - Beaverton Activity Center!

In 2011, a group of Beaverton community members came together to ask themselves this question: Do we want to save a community jewel and create something amazing to serve this low to moderate income and surrounding community? The answer was an overwhelming YES! To see how they transformed an old school into a community HUB of activities, click here.


The Community Excellence Award is the League’s most prestigious community award. Project entries must focus on one of the four categories of the League’s Partnership for Place Agenda.

Making sure that appropriate funds and tools are available to operate efficiently and work regionally in order to succeed globally.

Shifting from near exclusive vehicular-based investment to alternative modes of transportation that will accommodate all users, i.e. pedestrians, bikers, public transit riders, and drivers.

Partnering with the State to attract and retain talented workers in our communities through placemaking policies.

Seeking out solutions to invest in infrastructure and development where it will produce the best results and target resources with maximum outcomes.